3 Days Combine Tour: 1 Day City Tour + Homestay + 1 Day Trekking in the Nam Ha NPA + Khmu Homestay + 1 Day Kayaking Nam Ha River

Trip Overview

Visit ethnic diversity in Luang Namtha valley to see and leaning about their culture, bamboo paper making, nature drying, waving, Lao whisky making; Experience the Khmu culture & traditional, taste local meals, learn & practice how to husking rice, black smith, making bamboo basket “bamboo toys such as: birds, frogs, cup…” Khmu traditional Baci-ceremony, Khmu homestay; Trekking through Nam Ha NPA, jungle forest, excellent landscape; Experience local technic for hunting wild animals, bamboo cooking, medicine plants water, overnight in the jungle forest camp on the Nam Ha riverside; Adventure, paddle exiting but manageable grade 2-3 rapids along the Nam ha River, one of the most pristine waterway in Laos, Travel over swift rapids.

Tour ID: NT-MT-16.
Start-Finish: Luang Namtha town.
Departure: 9:00 AM Daily of June to January.
Duration: 3 Days / 2 Nights.
Difficulty level: Moderate Adventure.


Day 1: Luang Namtha Valley-Nam Ha Homestay-Tourism Activities. Approx. 4-5 hours
Departure at 9:00 AM. Visit Luang Namtha Museum, Luang Namtha & Phou Puk Stupa, visit Tai Dam “Ban Nam Ngaen” the village who process of making the famous Lao rice whiskey, visit Tai Deang “Ban Pieng Ngam” the villages are famous for their many different handicrafts, picnic lunch on the trail. After lunch visit Lanten village “Ban Nam Lue”, next direct to Khmu village “Ban Nam Ha” the village of homestay, join CBT activities such as: looking or participate husking rice “by hand or foot”, Khmu traditional Baciceremony, sword dance, bamboo-slapping dance & flute performance, dinner with local food & stay overnight with family.

Day 2: Nam Ha Homestay-Nam Ha NPA-Khmu Homestay. Approx. 4-5 hours
In the morning next day. While waiting for the breakfast visit groups of knife making, participate bamboo basket making “bamboo toys such as: birds, frogs, cup…” after breakfast start moderate trek through the Nam Ha NPA where the local guide’s knowledge of edible and medicinal plants will be demonstrated… You will be hiking uphill to see several massive old trees, many types of bamboo and divers forest plants. If you travel quietly you may see some wild animals such as: monkeys, wild goats and wild pigs. The traditional lunch will eaten in the jungle forest nearly the stream. After lunch continue walk through the rice field cross Nam Ha River to Ban Nalan where we will overnight for the second day. Dinner is often enjoyed with a prominent village elder, from who you can learn about Khmu culture, and offer insight into your lifestyle. Remember, curiosity runs both ways, especially when sipping Lao Hai (rice wine) from a jar through bamboo straws.

Day 3: Ban Nalan-Ban Nam Goy-Ban Sop Sim. Approx. 5 hours kayaking
After a leisurely breakfast continue down river. Visit other khmu & Lanten village to see making bamboo paper, nature dyeing. The section of the river will reveal the best forest views and the most exciting rapids of the trip. Arriving at the confluence of the Nam Tha and Nam Ha rivers paddle down the Nam Tha for a way before arriving at the Khmu village of Ban Sop Sim where your transport back to Luang Namtha will be waiting you. The optional return by river is in a traditional motorboat operated by local villagers. On your way up the river you will see water birds along the banks of the river and make your last pass along the border of the Nam Ha Protected Area.

Note: Nam Ha is best for rafting from July to October, for kayaking from July to November. Low water levels from January-June may make kayaking rocky.


Tourists Price/Person
2 197 USD
3 171 USD
4 158 USD
5 151 USD
6 138 USD
7 130 USD
8 123 USD

Price Include:

  • Leader guide “English speaking tour guide” & Local guide “who knowledge tradition & culture”.
  • Covered transport “Tuk Tuk and Kayaks”.
  • Accommodation “Khmu homestay & Eco-lodge”.
  • Meals-Lunch x 3, Dinner x 2, Breakfast x2.
  • Homestay owner service charge/All entrance fee.
  • Drinking water during the trip.
  • Trekking, Khmu traditional Baci-ceremony & Tourism activities.
  • Provincial tax on net income & Village fund.

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