4 Days Trek in Nam Ha NBCA & Authentic Ethnic Minorities

Trip Overview

Trekking in the Nam Ha National Protected Area “Nam Ha NPA”- an ASEAN Heritage Site; Unique experience with the Lahu, Khmu and Lantén ethnic minority groups; they proudly maintain their way of life, culture, and traditions; Experience and learning of how to accommodate to your jungle environment, sleeping and eating in the rain forest by using nature’s products such as: cooking bamboo vessels, a banana leaf camp, looking for food, medicinal plants and learn native skills for hunting wildlife; Hiking through rain forest, beautiful nature, mountainous landscapes, survival skills in the wilderness, topped off with gazing at a quiet but enthralling sunset.

  • Tour ID: TK-NT-49.
  • Trekking Area: Nam Ha National Protected Area-an ASEAN Heritage Site.
  • Daily Hike approx. 5-6 hours.
  • Departure: 9:00 AM during October-May; Closed in June-September.
  • Duration: 4 days/3 nights; the first night in the Lahu’s Mountain Eco-lodge, the second night in the jungle camp and the third night in a Khmu’s Riverside Eco-lodge.
  • Difficulty: Beginners-advanced; short hill climbs and descents walks up and down of hills.

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Day 1: Luang Namtha-Nam Ha NPA-Ban Nam Khouy. Approx. 5-6 hours.
Departure at 9:00 AM from the office to Ban Prang (Khmu village) around 38 Km, the local Khmu guide whose expertise and knowledge of the rain forest will guarantee you safe short walk around the village, to later embark you on a hike through the verdant paddy fields, following the same path the natives, on a daily bases, use on their way to work. Then you trek deep into the heart of the Nam Ha National Protected Area (Nam Ha NPA). Your guide will explain you all about the medicinal plants you may encounter on your journey, what the natives, traditionally, have been practicing for eons in forest use and while you’re at it, spot wildlife footprints for you. Laotian native style lunch will be served nearby the river. After lunch the trek continues through the rich jungle all the way to a panoramic viewpoint, which overlooks the Nam Ha NPA territory. Thereafter, in the late afternoon, you will arrive Ban Nam Khouy, a Lahu village, which is nestled high up in the hills. While waiting dinner you may want to walk around the village, marvel at the ever-scenic sunset, appreciate the unlimited view of a mountainous skyline, and learn a thing or two about Lahu culture and traditions. After dinner lay your head to rest in the Lahu built Eco-Lodge.

Day 2: Ban Nam Khouy-Nam Ha Jungle Camp. Approx. 5-6 hours.
In the early morning you do not want to miss the sun rising from behind a range of mountainous. After sharing breakfast with your village hosts it is time for two hours of hiking through the Nam Ha NPA mountain landscape and nice jungle forest. Picnic lunch will be served en route. It is composed of some natural herbs and veggies collected along the way, such as: mushrooms, cardamoms, rattans, bamboo shoots, wild bananas, stalks, etc. We will arrive in the Nam Ha rain forest camp in the late afternoon. Next, the guides will show you how to set up a jungle camp, make bamboo vessels for cooking rice, bamboo, and tea from cardamoms. You may learn how to do it or simply sit back and watch. After dinner you’ll overnight in the rain forest camp.

Day 3: Nam Ha Jungle Camp-Ban Nalan. Approx. 5-6 hours.
In the early morning you will many an animals scream from the higher mountain and nearly the jungle camp. The guides will encourage you to take part in the preparation of breakfast, show you how to craft simple coffee cups, bamboo toys, spoons and chopsticks from bamboo and leaves. They will also brew a medicinal tea from wild plants collected along the way. After breakfast we walk on through jungle, mountains and over rivers. Lunch will be prepared in the traditional native way along the forest path. We will arrive Ban Nalan around 4:00 PM where we spend one more night in the Khmu’s Riverside Eco-Lodge. Our hosts prepare a dinner in native style, whilst you take time to swim and bathe in the river (no nudity or skimpy clothes, please). Walk around the village; talk respectfully with the ever-friendly villagers.

Day 4: Ban Nalan-Ban Namkoy-Ban Namlue. Approx. 5-6 hours.
The last day follows the Nam Ha River, through stands of large hardwood trees and bamboo patches, to Ban Nalan Tai (Khmu Village) and Ban Namkoy (Lanten Villae). The trail becomes quite challenging as it climbs under a pristine tree canopy teeming with bird life, and ends up on a ridge with a stunning view of Luang Namtha town, visit the last village of Lanten (Ban Namlue), that is, before the final descent and a ride back to town with memories to will last you a lifetime.


Group tour maximum 2-6 people

Tourists Price/Pax
2 328 USD
3 249 USD
4 223 USD
5 197 USD
6 184 USD

Price Include:

  • An English speaking tour leader and a native guide, who knows the rain forest, indigenous traditions, and culture like the back of his hand.
  • Transportation: pick-up to and fro your hotel.
  • Accommodation: Lahu’s mountain Eco-lodge, the jungle camp and­­­­ Khmu’s riverside Eco-lodge with blanket, sleeping-mat, and mosquito nets are supplied.­­
  • Meals-lunch x 4, dinner x 3 and breakfast x 3.
  • Drinking water during the trip.
  • Trekking permit “Nam Ha NPA Foundation”, Laos National Tourism Development Fund, Provincial tax on net income.
  • Village service and village tourism Fund.

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