Tents in Vieng Phoukha

Sacred Bor Kung Tents & Forest Camp
Along Route 3, between Vieng Phoukha and Luang Namtha
A local camp is available in Vieng Phoukha town at the Sacred Borkung, behind the tourist information center. Within the conservation area, the sacred Borkung site sits alongside an ancient, broken Buddha image and a ruined pagoda.

The 18-hectare Bor Kung Nature Park centers on Shrimp Stream, or Bor Kung in Lao. Locals believe the sacred forest surrounding the spring protects the clear, fresh water’s abundance of fish, crabs and sizeable prawns. Close by, Stewpot Spring (Bor Kang) spawns Sai Stream, which feeds the Nam Jook River all year round. Both cool springs fill stone bathing pools for refreshing dips.
The program at Borkung includes Khmu traditional meals Khmu guides, exploring sacred Borkung, shrimp spring, a short walk by your own around the forest or a walk with your guide to investigate ancient broken Buddha images and ruins of a Buddhist temple, reportedly built in the 14th century during Burmese control of the Vieng Phoukha area or during the time when That Luang in Vientiane was constructed.

You will stay overnight at the Sacred Borkung Forest Camp. Swimming is also available.

Staying at the Forest Camp is ideal to be ready for further trekking programs offered by the Vieng Phoukha Guide Service Unit the next day.

Tour details:
Trail Difficulty level: easy, suitable for families
Seasonality: October – June
Distance: Close to Vieng Phoukha Town
Duration: 1 night
Start time: before 5 pm End time: Next day, flexible
Departure from:  Vieng Phoukha Tourist Information Center
Transport: by foot
Meals: Dinner and breakfast
Activities: Camping, nature, visit ancient temple ruins, visit sacred spring, bath at spring (once construction is completed)
Maximum group size: to be determined
Prices include: Tent rental, entrance fee, dinner and breakfast

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