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Keeping Laos' Adventure Crown in Luang Namtha
  Keeping Laos' Adventure Crown in Luang Namtha  
The guide teaching how to make bamboo basket
  An early-2012 chat with members of Luang Namtha Districts’ Sustainable Tourism Network – a group of tour operators committed to responsible tourism – uncovered what tourists really want and what was new to meet their needs.

Responses were similar across the board. More and more tourists are asking for “combination tours”, which mix two or more activities: mountain biking, cycling, trekking, rafting, kayaking, bird watching, and visiting ethnic villages. People continue to like waterfalls, swimming, and exploring caves, they said.

The one or two-day Nam Tha riverboat cruises with an optional overnight in Nalae District’s Khone Kham Village are increasingly popular, and one guide noted a jump in riverboat traffic between Luang Namtha and Houei Xai, a border checkpoint with Thailand, located on the Mekong in Bokeo Province.

Tent camping, jungle camps, and forest retreats have joined homestays and village lodges as nighttime options on multi-day excursions. Some tour companies even own eco-lodges and mid-range bungal ows, taking the heat off of finding a place to stay when returning to town from a tour. 

For travelers looking for something a bit lighter, but still yearning adventure, many tour operators in Luang Namtha and Sing offer minivan, tuk-tuk, and cycling tours of the towns and their environs. You can also go on short, easy hikes to waterfalls and caves, and even play games of pétanque, the national pastime.

Several tour companies have also begun offering longer 4WD excursions in trucks and on off-road motorcycles, or you can hire a vehicle with a driver/guide and become the king of the road.
Update: 05 July 2016
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