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The Adventure Season Challenge in Luang Namtha
  Adventure Kayaking on Nam Ha River  
Adventure Kayaking on Nam Ha River
  Some people call the period from June through October, “Rainy Season”. However, tour operators refer to this time of year as “Adventure Season”, and turn their attention to rising rivers, greener trees, blooming flowers, and emerald carpets of growing rice.

Daily showers gorge the Nam Tha River, pumping up its level by a meter or more. This draws kayakers to its banks just south of Luang Namtha Town to tackle the swifter current and livelier rapids that Adventure Season churns up.

Leafy trees and shrubs coat the Nam Tha’s steep banks, while villagers remain active in rice fields and vegetable gardens, or by weaving, making handicrafts, and fishing.

Multi-day kayaking adventures can include village visits and homestays, a trend that continues downriver in Nalae District. Vieng Phoukha tour operators are eyeing the Nam Fa River, and Long is considering overnight rafting tours to Xieng Kok on the Mekong.

District Eco-guide Units keep most of the Nam Ha National Protected A rea’s trekking trails open during Adventure Season, though some route changes are needed to avoid slippery slopes. This allows trekkers to see Luang Namtha’s forest flora at its peak and inspect rice-paddy irrigation mazes that maintain optimum water depths.

Many adventure travelers go for combination tours this time of year to get the best of both trekking and kayaking worlds. Others opt for a lively long-tail boat journey to riverside villages along the swelling Nam Tha.

Avoid the crowds and visit Luang Namtha during Adventure Season to experience the province at its best.
Update: 05 July 2016
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