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Things to do in Vieng Phoukha, Laos
  Trekking in Vieng Phoukha  
  Trekking/Hiking/Jungle Camp  
  Trekking to see authentic ethnic minority groups and wild life experience in the between Nam Ha National Protected Area and Nam Kan National Protected Area in Bokeo Province.  
  Participate Activities  
  Camp in Town at Bor Kung  
  Camp in Town at Bor Kung  
  Spend the night in a sleeping bag and tent at the Bor Kung Nature Park’s campgrounds, walk its trails, and refresh yourself in pools fed by cold, clear freshwater springs.  
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  Explore Kao Rao Cave  
  Explore Kao Rao Cave  
  Take an easy hike through the 30-hectare Kao Rao Cave area, explore the underground labyrinth, and select an optional Khmu homestay in Ban Nam Eng.  
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  Trekking in Vieng Phoukha  
  Ancient Ruins Hidden in Nature  
  Take an easy one-day trek to a mountain ridge, eat a lunch made with food gathered along the way, and inspect the plant-covered ruins of a lost civilization on this tour supervised by the Vieng Phouka Eco-guide Unit.  
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