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Guides to Vieng Phoukha
  Getting to and around Muang Sing  
  Getting to and around Vieng Phoukha  
  Vieng Phoukha only access by road from Luang Namtha Province 60 Km or from Huay Xai along the the Road R3A around 155 Km.  
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  Luang Namtha Internet Cafe  
  Internet Cafe, 3G and Phone  
  No internet Cafe in the town. Phone cards and 3G SIM can be purchased at many shops in Vieng Phoukha. “How to setup 3G with mobile phone”.  
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  Where to Stay in Vieng Phoukha  
  Where to Stay in Vieng Phoukha  
  There are 5 guesthouses in Vieng Phoukha town, most of them low budget accommodation, at prices from US$ 5 to US$ 10. Sai Nam Jok is of higher standard.  
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  Where to Eat in Vieng Phoukha  
  Where to Eat in Vieng Phoukha  
  There are more than 7 restaurants in the town serving local food such as: Lao food and Thai food. Noodle soup available along the main road or in the morning market.  
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  Luang Namtha bank  
  Bank & ATM in Vieng Phoukha  
  BCEL is open from 8:30-16:00, exchanges US dollars, Euros, Thai Bath, traveler cheques; gives cash advances on credit cards, ATM available; Lao Development Bank, exchanges...  
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