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2 Days Boat Trip Houay Xai “Lao-Thai Border”-Luang Namtha (ID: NT-BT-03)
Start: Hotel in Houay Xai or Laos-Thailand Border; Finish: Luang Namtha town
Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Departure: 8:30 AM (Daily of July-January)
Difficulty: Easy ride on the local boat and some short walk to visit ethnic villages
Trip Overview
The trip will start from Houay Xai at the Boat Station, an hour from the Mekong River and up to the Nam Tha River with its varied landscapes and people. You pass limestone rocks and the dense forests of the Nam Ha NPA. You observe the fascinating lifestyles of people living along these waterways and see cotton weaving and bamboo paper making. On both days locally prepared food is served.
Ban Khonkham Eco-lodge Eco-lodge in Luang Namtha Boat trip on Nam Tha River
Boat trip on Nam Tha River   Nam Tha River   Luang Namtha local waving
Boat trip to Mekong River   Biking & Cycling in Laos   Biking & Cycling in Laos
Biking & Cycling in Laos   River trip in Luang Namtha   Boat Making in Ban Khonekham
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Day 1: Houay Xay “Laos-Thai Border”-Ban Khon Kham. Approx. 7-8 hours
At 8:30 we will take you from the guest house or border to boat station. Ride down the Mekong for an hour to the old trading town of Pak Tha to the confluence of the Nam Tha River and Mekong River. The boat will turn and proceed up the Nam Tha River. Seven hours up the Nam Tha River You’ll enjoy beautiful nature; have exciting views of limestone rocks. You will watch the fascinating minority lifestyles along the bank of the Nam Tha River. Homestay accommodation is available in Ban Khon Kham village.
Ban Khon Kham they are Tai Lue village, located on the bank of Nam Tha River far from the Nalae town around one and half hours by boat, from Luang Namtha 6 hours, most house (women) working with handicraft by their style for selling to tourists and Luang Namtha markets, the village don’t have electricity, more than 20 boats man major experience in Nam Tha River and they are still very traditional and enjoy a boat ride down to the Mekong River on one of the most beautiful stretches of the river.
Day 2: Ban Khon Kham-Luang Namtha.
Approx. 6-7 hours
Depart from Ban Khon Kham at 8:30. It is a 1-2 hours trip to the district town of Nalae. In the dry season (Feb-June) the trip will change to a pick-up truck with benches for the onward 3 hour journey to Luang Namtha or our service has many tours option for you choose and continue to Luang Namtha such as: boat (July- Jan) biking, biking and motorbike.
Remark: For the months July-Jan the boat will continue up river after a short stop to see the district market in Nalae. Lunch will be a local food picnic along the river. Going up river the boats will pass the Nam Ha National Protected Area and several small but exciting rapids along the way. Arrive at the Luang Namtha Boat Landing 4-5 PM.
Note: For reason of comfort and safety, the passenger load on the boats is calculated at 7 persons per boat. During high water (July-November), the boats may take as many as 9 persons. However, this may not be very comfortable. In the dry season due to low water (December-January), it is recommended that there not be more than 6 persons per boat.
Tour info:
  • Season: The trip is only possible between July-January
  • Distance approx.: Day 1: 7-8 hours; Day 2: 6-7 hours
  • Activities: Boat trip visit ethnic villages on the bank of Nam Tha River
  • Transport: Tuk Tuk from Luang Namtha Boat Landing to town
  • Accommodation: Tai Lue homestay (Ban Khon Kham)
  • Meals: Lunch x 2, Dinner x 1, Breakfast x1
  • Maximum: 7 people
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