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2 Nights Homestay: Ban Vieng Neua & Ban Pieng Ngam “Tai Youn & Tai Deang Villages” (ID: LT-HS-04)
Start-Finish: Luang Namtha town
Duration: 2 night & 3 days
Departure: 3:30 pm
Difficulty: Easy, suitable for families
Trip Overview
The first night stay with Tai Youn family, your activities join the traditional Tai Youn Baci-ceremony, traditional performance, Lamvong Lao, your participate & practice such as: prepare Baci-ceremony equipment, making banana leaf flower. The second homestay is Tai Deang, you will see & take part Laos Whisky making, traditional weaving, black smith, bamboo basket making, Tai Deang Baci-ceremony, practice & learning how to process natural dyeing & traditional weaving.
Ban Nam Dee Homestay “Lanten Village” (ID: LT-HS-01) Lanten Homestay Ban Nam Dee Homestay
Making banana leaf flower   Tai Youn Traditional Dance   Spin cotton
Homestay of Ban Nam Dee   Ban Nam Dee Homestay   Nam Dee of Homestay
Give alms   Traditional Baci-ceremony   Tai Youn Traditional Dance
Community based tourism in Ban Nam Dee   Ban Nam Dee community based Tourism   Luang Namtha Homestay
Working in field   Working in field   Working in field
Day 1: Luang Namtha- Tai Youn Homestay
Start at 3:30 PM from our office by Tuk Tuk or bicycle (depending on your preference) to Ban Vieng Neua only 15 minutes, you will get warm welcome from homestay owner, the local guide will take you walk around the village visit field, Nam Tha river, Tai Youn temple. Next join a traditional Baci-ceremony, traditional performance, Lamvong Lao, test local food prepare by owner homestay, talk with homestay owner & go to bed.
Day 2: Tai Youn Homestay-CBT activities-Ban Pieng Ngam Homestay
In the morning you have time walk around the village to see different style of life, after breakfast join community based tourism activities as: prepare baci-ceremony equipment, making banana leaf flower. After lunch, visit old temple of Luang Namtha town, next direct to Tai Deang Village “Ban Pieng Ngam” the villages of homestay & are famous for their many different handicrafts, walk around the village to see & learning how to process Laos Whisky making, traditional weaving, blacksmith, bamboo basket making, before dinner participate a traditional Baci-ceremony, overnight in Tao Deang house style.
Nam Ha Homestay Homestay in Ban Nam Ha Hunting Animal
Step of natural dyeing   Step of natural dyeing   Traditional weaving
Khmu Homestay   Luang Namtha Homestay   Homestay in Luang Namtha
Nature silk   Tai Deng Festival   Bamboo basket making
Laos Homestay   Homestay in Laos   Laos CBT
Traditional weaving   Technique for looking fishes   Tai Deng dance
Day 3: Ban Pieng Ngam Homestay-CBT activities-Luang Namtha town
In the morning walk around in the village, after breakfast participate & practice community based tourism activities with local people such as: step of natural dyeing & traditional weaving, after lunch visit Tai Dam Village “Ban Nam Ngaen” the village who process of making the famous Lao rice whiskey, visit Phoum Pouk stupa, Luang Namtha stupa, back to Luang Namtha town.
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