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1 Day Trek-Lantén Experience & Ancient Trail
(ID: NT-TK-10)
Trekking Area: Village Preserved Area
Hike approx. 3-4 hours
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate, walk through the rainforest on narrow paths
Trip Overview:
Experience the Lantén culture and traditions to see and participate in Lantén traditional weaving, learning how to make paper from bamboo (Jan-Mar), organic dyeing (Nov-Mar), trek over narrow path through the village preserved area, enjoy local picnic lunch, visit ancient Burma, excellent panorama of the Luang Namtha scenic valley and the Nam Dee waterfall.
Nam Ha Jungle Trek Nam Ha Hiking Hiking in Luang Namtha
Louang Namtha Trek   Louang Namtha Trek   Louang Namtha Trek
Laos Trekking   Laos Trekking   Laos Trekking
Itinerary. Approx. 3-4 hours
Start at 9:00 at the office by Tuk Tuk to Ban Hua Na, where you will collect your local guide from there and begin your trek. The trek leads up the mountain and deep into the village preserved area. You will be able to see old and thick forest, many kind of bamboos, wild rattans, cardamoms and other NTFP (Non Timber Forest Products) and will hear and see some special birds for sure.
During the trek your guide will share his experience about traditional medicine, animal tracks, edible leaves, and other things of interest. After 1.5 hours you will stop to have a traditional Lantén lunch along the walking path in the forest. After lunch, you will continue to the top of the mountain where you will gaze at a pristine forest and snap up excellent panorama of the Luang Namtha valley.
You walk down from mountain straight to the Nam Dee waterfall, visit Nam Dee village to see and participate in activities with natives, such as: Lantén traditional weaving (daily), paper making of bamboo (Jan-Mar), and organic dyeing of cloth (Nov-mar), then finally back to Luang Namtha by Tuk Tuk (a motored rickshaw).
The season of activities:
  • January-March: Planting vegetables and sowing corn, etc.
  • April-May: Learning how to grow rice on the green mountain-slopes etc…
  • June-August: Learning how to prepare the paddy fields for the wet rice and how to plant the seedlings.
  • September: Planting vegetable in the garden or on the mountain...
  • October-November: Watching or participate in harvest as: rice, corn etc… crops in the mountains.
  • December-January: Partake part in house building and festivals or in gathering food.

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