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2 Days Trek-Nam Ha, Jungle Camp & Khmu Tribe
(ID: NT-TK-01)
Trekking Area: Nam Ha National Protected Area-an ASEAN Heritage Site
Hike daily approx. 4-5 hours
Moderate, short hill up and down climbs
Trip Overview:
Now you can discover Nam Ha National Protected Area-an ASEAN Heritage Site by hike through mountains of the jungle forest, explore real nature and wild lifestyle, overnight in the jungle camp near the Nam Ha River, enjoy traditional local food prepared with selected forest spices (bamboo cooking), fishing on the Nam Ha river and visit the countryside of Khmu to learn about their lifestyle, culture and traditional.
Trek Louang Namtha, Laos Hike Louang Namtha, Laos Laos Hiking
trekking on Jungle   Trek through the green trail   Lunch time on the trek
Trek Luang Namtha   steam rice in bamboo camp   steam rice in bamboo camp
Trek Luang Namtha   Local guide   Cooking in the Bamboo camp
Nam Ha mushroom   steam rice in bamboo camp   steam rice in bamboo camp
Nam Ha's Mushroom   Steam rice in bamboo camp   Our Bamboo camp
Nam Ha’s Bridge   Ban Nalan field   Jungle trek in Laos
Nam Ha's Bridge   The Jungle forest   Jungle Trek on the trail
Day 1: Doiluckkam-The Jungle Camp. Approx. 4-5 hours
Departure from our office by Tuk-Tuk, is roughly half an hour ride to Doiluckkam, where a local Khmu guide will join you on your journey. The first day’s pace is moderate though the Nam Ha NPA where the guide will share some of his knowledge of edible and medicinal plants. Next, You will be hiking uphill to see several massive old trees, many types of bamboo and diverse forest plants. If you travel quietly you may see some wild animals such as: monkeys, wild goats and wild pigs. Our Khmu man will prepare the traditional picnic lunch. After lunch the trek continues down from the mountain to your jungle camp, which we should reach by 4:30 pm. You spend a night near the Nam Ha River. Besides resting, you are free to go fishing for dinner with your Khmu guide, stroll around the camp or opt for a refreshing swim in the Nam Ha River close to your camp.
Day 2: The Jungle Camp-Ban Nalan-Ban Chalernsouk. Approx. 4-5 hours
In the early morning you are likely to hear many kinds of animals communicating with one another, such as: bears, monkeys, barking deer, gibbons, wild pigs, and jungle fowl from the higher mountain tops. You might be very fortunate if you spot some moving through the forest. Before breakfast, early risers are free to take a walk around the camp. (Please, be always mindful about the dos and don’ts in these fragile cultures), ask your guide if you are not too sure what is correct). After breakfast, prepared by our guide, you’ll cross the Nam Ha River and walk through fields, next you’ll get to visit Ban Nalan, where your will learn about Khmu lifestyle, culture, and traditions.  Then there is a hike uphill through forest. Traditional lunch will be prepared en route on the forest path. Thereafter, you will have an easy two-hour hike down the mountain slope until you arrive at the Ban Chalernsouk, where your driver will be waiting for you and shuttle you back to Luang Namtha.

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