2 Days Trek-The Experience of a Lifetime with Riverside Eco-Lodge


Group tour maximum 2-6 people and More people more cheaper.



Ban Nalan is embedded in a Community Based Tourism (CBT) zone. Early in the millennium, a New Zealand-funded UNESCO team guided a handful of trekkers along a trail to the village. The feedback from this pioneering group of paying tourists helped in designing the Ban Nalan Trek, Laos’ first CBT activity. To top it off, the United Nations recognized the trail the blazing achievement with a prestigious Development Award, and the CBT trek became a model for the pro-lowest-incomes tourism.

  • Tour ID: NT-TK-02.
  • Trekking Area: Nam Ha National Protected Area- an ASEAN Heritage Site.
  • Day 1: hike approx. 4-5 hours; Day 2: approx. 5-6 hours.
  • Difficulty: Moderate, short hill climbs and descents walks up and down of hills.


Day 1: Ban Chalernsouk-Ban Nalan. Approx. 4-5 hours.
The traditional two-day excursion, led by a local English speaking guide, starts at Ban Chaleunsouk, south of Luang Namtha town. You’ll ascend through a forest and pause on a ridge, which offers great views. The trail then descends through centuries-old trees and past an Indochina War gunnery emplacement to the Nam Ha River and Ban Nalan (Khmu Village). Dinner is often enjoyed in the company of a prominent village elder, from whom you can learn about Khmu culture. Moreover, he might offer you an insight into your own lifestyle. Remember, curiosity runs both ways, especially when sipping Lao Hai (rice wine) from a jar through bamboo straws.

Day 2: Ban Nalan-Ban Nalan Tai-Ban Namkoy-Ban Namlue. Approx. 5-6 hours
The second day follows the Nam Ha River, through stands of large hardwood trees and bamboo patches, to Ban Nalan Tai (Khmu Village) and Ban Namkoy (Lanten Villae). The trail becomes quite challenging as it climbs under a pristine tree canopy teeming with bird life, and ends up on a ridge with a stunning view of Luang Namtha town, visit the last village of Lanten (Ban Namlue), that is, before the final descent and a ride back to town with memories to will last you a lifetime.

Price Include:

  • An English speaking tour leader and a native guide, who knows the rain forest, indigenous traditions, and culture like the back of his hand.
  • Local guide from Khmu village: two natives from different villages.
  • Transportation: pick-up to and fro your hotel.
  • Overnight in Khmu’s Riverside Eco-lodge with blanket, sleeping-mat, and mosquito nets are supplied. Supported by: NEW ZEALAND Aid Program.
  • Meals-lunch x 2, dinner x 1, breakfast x1, provided by local people”.
  • Drinking water during the trip.
  • Trekking permit, Village fund and Laos National Tourism fund.
  • Provincial tax on net income.


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