Amazing 2 day trek We had an amazing 2 day trek! We did the 2 Days Trek-The Experience of a Lifetime with Riverside Eco-Lodge (ID: NT-TK-02), but we chose to stay with a family in the Khmu village rather than in the eco-lodge. Very glad we did, as we got to interact with the family, eat dinner with them and drink Lao Lao (rice whisky). Our guide Sai was amazing! Very knowledgable and funny. He didn’t mind at all that we made frequent stops to catch our breath and take photos of the amazing views. The first day hiking was not too bad, only a very steep climb right at the very beginning. It was about 4 hours hiking with an hour lunch break where our guide cooked amazing food using bamboo that he gathered along the way. After that we went downhill for a while, and then a couple hours along the river where it was mostly flat. The second day was definitely more difficult as it was a long upward climb. We took some water breaks so it was manageable, but I was definitely struggling. The last 2 hours are mostly downhill and not too steep or rocky, so it’s a pleasant walk. In total the second day had about 5.5 hours walking.

As it turned out, it was just my sister and I on the tour, which was great. There are 5 tour companies that all use this trail, stay in the same village, and even use the same guides. Because of that, I’m not sure if it matters so much which company you use, but we had a great experience with Phou Iu. We paid $104 USD each, which included all of the food, transportation, etc. Definitely be sure to tip your guide!!

Highly recommend this tour!